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Chinese Journal of Management
2018 Vol.18 Issue.5
Published 2018-05-01

633 Research on the Integration of Traditional Culture and Modern Management
QI Shanhong,LI Kuan,SUN Jizhe
In the field of management theory, the discussion on the relationship between culture and management has been lasting for a long time but has not yet reached a high level of consensus. At present, the cultural renaissance has become an important subject of the era of contemporary China. The relationship between culture and management, especially the organic integration between traditional culture and modern management, has attracted the attention of a great number of management researchers. Based on this background, the study combines the philosophy of Chinese traditional culture to explore some fundamental problems in management concepts, in order to provide reference to enterprise management in reality.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 633- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1751KB] ( 119 )
643 Research on Mechanism of Reverse Survival of Crisis Based on Organizational Legitimacy and Channel Power
DAI Xin,LU Hong,SONG Aifeng
This paper compares and analyzes the crisis actions and results of four high-tech enterprises after the similar product quality crisis using the case study method, and finds a crisis“reverse survival”phenomenon that the enterprise can still survive and develop even if the crisis action is improper.Further research shows that the reason why the above-mentioned enterprise can still survive is because the legality continues to exist. The crisis action legitimacy has two paths either from external to internal or from internal to external. If an enterprise has strong channel power, which can control and influence the behavior of other members, it will obtain legality from the inside to the outside and form the mechanism of a crisis“reverse survival”.This study has enriched the study of crisis management and organizational legitimacy, expanded the application of channel power theory in crisis situations, and provided guidance for corporate crisis management practices.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 643- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1561KB] ( 104 )
653 The Relationship between Business Groups’ Industrial Layouts and Performance: Investigation Based on Dual Institutional Perspectives
FU Jie
Based on the Chinese business groups listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange from 2006 to 2010, this study investigates the relationship between industry development strategy and business groups’ performance during the institutional transition. Through constructing three variables including unrelated diversification, related diversification and specialization, the empirical evidences indicate that Chinese business groups should refocus their industry scopes in response to dual institutional evolutions. In contrast, unrelated diversification exerts destructive influences on groups’ performance. These results enrich the application of institutional theory in Chinese context and emphasize on the challenges faced by Chinese managers, such as the industrial know-how enhancement and core resource building.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 653- [Abstract] ( 6 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1090KB] ( 98 )
660 An Empirical Study on the Impact of Justice Perceptions on Contractors’Performance Behaviors in Construction Contract Compensation
YAN Ling,JIANG Jing,GUO Liang,YANG Tao
Contract compensation as post-adjustment incentive mechanism has its two sides leading to the dilemma of compensation incentive. The reason is that the contractor may take performance decision according to the justice perceptions of contract compensation. In line with the theory paradigm of contract as reference point, the paper mainly analyzes contractor’s performance choice based on justice perceptions. And then the paper develops a theoretical model discussing the effect of three dimensions of justice perceptions on the contractor’s performance behavior, and the model is tested by structural equation model. The empirical results show that the consummate performance behavior of contractor is more susceptible to justice perceptions; in order to inhibit the opportunistic behavior of contractor, it is necessary to focus on interactional justice; and distribution justice perception has the greatest impact on the contractor’s performance behavior.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 660- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1496KB] ( 70 )
669 A Study on the Serially Mediating Mechanism Transmitting the Effects of Territorial Climate on Organization-Oriented Citizenship Behavior
FAN Xueling,WANG Qiqi,LIU Jun
Drawing on cognitive-affective processing system theory, we identify the cognitive as well as affective mechanisms which will mediate the effects of territorial climate on organization-oriented citizenship behavior, and thus we will construct the serial mediation model. With a sample of 1734 employees from 151 enterprises, we tested the hypotheses. The results demonstrated that organizational identification and affective commitment sequentially and partially mediated the negative effects of territorial climate on organization-oriented citizenship behavior. In other words, territorial climate reduced employees’ organizational identification, and then decreased their affective commitment, and finally made employees display less organization-oriented citizenship behavior. This study makes theoretical implications for the literature of both territoriality and organizational citizenship behaviors, and makes practical implications for managers.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 669- [Abstract] ( 5 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1301KB] ( 116 )
678 A Cluster Analysis on the HRM Practices of the 2017 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For from the Universal and Contingency Perspective
JIANG Jianwu,SONG Junmei,LIU Xinyi,ZHENG Qianyin
Based on the universal perspective and contingency perspective of strategic HRM,using the content analysis method, this paper codes the HRM practices of 73 companies in the 2017 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list and conducts a cluster analysis and comparative analysis. The results show that the universal perspective and contingency perspective are both reflected in HRM practices of enterprises in the list:(1) The best employers have the universal HRM practices; (2) In the same industry, the best employers have universal HRM practices;(3)And the best employers have different HRM practices among different industries. Analyzing the HRM practices of the best employers from the universal and contingency perspectives, this paper expands the vision of the relationship between strategic HRM and organizational performance. Furthermore, it provides theoretical guidance in terms of construction of employer brand and human resource management.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 678- [Abstract] ( 6 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 2120KB] ( 80 )
687 The Effect of Founder’ Personality on Technology-Based Venture’ Growth
SHAN Biaoan,LU Xifeng,GUO Hai,YANG Yaqian
In view of the existing research on the role of different personalities in the growth of new ventures, we take the new technology-based ventures as the research objects, and focus on the role of different personalities including creativity, need of achievement and risk taking in the new ventures’ growth. Through questionnaire surveys, we find that creativity and need of achievement positively affect the growth of new ventures, and the relationship between risk taking and the new ventures’ growth is inverted "U" shape. At the same time, we also focus on the moderating effect of founders’ previous experience on the relationship between personalities and the growth of new ventures.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 687- [Abstract] ( 5 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1162KB] ( 0 )
695 Study on the Impact of Dual Network Embeddedness on Venture Capital Fundraising
SHI Guoping,CHEN Demian,DING Wenhu
The study analyzes the effects of syndication network and limited partner(LP) network on venture capital fundraising simultaneously. Using the data between 2004 and 2016, which is collected from PEdata database, we find that:①Occupying a center position in syndication network can help VCF to raise capital.②Affiliations with LP that occupy a central position in limited partner network can help VCF to raise capital.③The positive effect of affiliations with central LP on venture capital fundraising diminishes as VCF’s position in syndication networks improves. All these empirical results suggest that the signaling value generated by different types of network (syndication network and limited partner network) in reducing information asymmetry will substitute each other.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 695- [Abstract] ( 6 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1451KB] ( 72 )
703 Resource Bricolage, Unabsorbed Slack and Inbound Open Innovation
ZHOU Fei,RAN Maogang,SU Qiulai
With the information explosion and the acceleration of global business innovation in the era of knowledge economy, even the world’s largest and most powerful enterprises will face the constraints of lack of resources. Under the resource constraints, resource bricolage strategy is a concrete resource utilization method under the guidance of jugaad innovation, which plays an increasingly important role in the accumulation of innovative resources and the formation of competitive advantage. Based on the Resource Constructivism View and Composition-based View, from the perspective of unabsorbed slack and exploitation learning, this study explores the relationship between enterprise resource bricolage and inbound open innovation. Based on 176 enterprises of strategy emerging industries from the Pearl River Delta, the research founds that resource bricolage has a significant positive impact on inbound open innovation; unabsorbed slack play as a partial mediator between resource bricolage and inbound open innovation; and the exploitation learning not just positively moderates the relationship between resource bricolage and unabsorbed slack, but also moderates the relationship between resource bricolage and inbound open innovation.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 703- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1046KB] ( 62 )
710 Understanding the Response of Enterprises to Multi-Institutional Pressures during Green Innovation Process
CHEN Litian,ZHU Yali,GUO Lei
In response to multi-institutional pressures, there is a critical dilemma that how enterprises balance the commercial and ethical antecedents to implement green innovation? In order to fill the research gap, based on 270 manufacturing enterprise samples, this paper found that:①“Commercial and ethics”mixed logic antecedent is more effective than a single logic, and“Environmental ethics→Interaction between environmental ethics and strategic flexibility”is a superior organizational path, through which green innovation can be promoted;②in response to different institutional pressure, the mixed antecedents focus on different emphasis. The superiority of the above path will be improved under high normative pressure, while it will not be improved under the high regularity pressure. Enterprises based on commercial antecedent emphasize strategic flexibility to respond to normative pressure, while they emphasize environmental ethics to respond to regulatory pressure based on ethical antecedent.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 710- [Abstract] ( 5 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1161KB] ( 70 )
718 Research on the Driving Factors of Entrepreneur out Based on the Theory of Conflict between Entrepreneurs and Investors
SUN Jiwei,LI Xiaolin
This paper selects 16 publicly reported cases reflecting the conflicts between entrepreneurs and investors to build the motivation model. This paper gets 4 axial coding (internal factors, external factors, individual factors of entrepreneur, the conflict evolution between entrepreneurs and investors) and 12 categories through a three-stage coding program. The internal factors and the external factors of entrepreneurship are the direct driving factors. The individual factor of the entrepreneur is the situational driving factor. The conflict evolution between entrepreneurs and investors is mediated driving factor. Finally, possible suggestions to prevent entrepreneur out are provided.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 718- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1420KB] ( 73 )
726 Mechanism Research on the Influence of Fit Type between Enterprise and Environmental Protection Causes on Consumer’s Purchase Intention
SHENG Guanghua,LIN Zhengnan
With this regard, this study introduces an important variable—green trust in green marketing practice to discuss the influence mechanism of the type of fit on consumer’s purchasing intention. The results of three experiments show that both function-fit and image-fit have positive effect on consumer’s purchasing intention and green trust. However functional fit exerts greater influence on consumer’s green trust and purchasing intention while green trust plays a mediating role in the relationship between type of fit and consumer’s purchasing intention. Furthermore, type of fit has an interaction effect with construal level on consumer’s purchasing intention and green trust. Under the function-fit, the consumer with lower construal level has stronger purchasing intention and green trust. Under the image-fit, the consumer with high construal level has stronger purchasing intention and green trust. This study discusses the problems needed for further research as well.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 726- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1247KB] ( 73 )
734 A Study on Consumer Well-Being Model Based on Transformative
LI Qianqian,XUE Qiuzhi
Considering the practical calling of the demand side improvement in the New Normal economy characterized with moving toward high-quality development, and the theoretical trend that transformative consumer research emerged as a movement, the current study conducts consumer research from a perspective of consumer well-being. Based on the exploration of the meaning of “rationality”, this study classifies consumption rationality into two dimensions (motivation vs. decision); and proposes a conceptual framework of the relationship between consumer well-being and consumption rationality and its antecedents, based on the Sensemaking theory, in order to advance the research on consumer well-being improvement and the corresponding practical attention in China.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 734- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1166KB] ( 100 )
742 Research on the Influence of Online Visibility in SNS APPs
Based on agents based modeling and simulation tools, this study, simulates potential users and applications to be agents, and sets up rules to make the agents simulate potential users’decision-making process, investigating the influence of online visibility in potential users’decisions of SNS APPs. Result shows that potential users’selections are positively correlated with downloads, downloads growth and the platform correlation. User sensitivity affects user decision time.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 742- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1504KB] ( 66 )
750 Factors Affecting Innovation Performance of Solvers in Crowdsourcing Competition
LU Xinyuan,HUANG He,LI Ziqi,LU Quan
Aiming at how to improve the innovation performance of solvers in crowdsourcing competition mode, the influencing factors model of innovation performance of solvers in crowdsourcing competition is constructed based on the theory of job design in this study through the data collected from zhubajie website users. The smartPLS is used for empirical analysis. The results show that:(1)task reward and autonomy positively influence the willingness of solvers, and the task negatively affects the willingness of solvers;(2)the interaction and trust environment of crowdsourcing platform have a positive impact on the efforts of solvers;(3)the willingness and effort of solvers positively affect the innovation performance of solvers, and the degree of effort is more important.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 750- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1629KB] ( 79 )
759 The Impacts of Consistency and Sociability on Social Media In-Feed Ad Avoidance
FAN Si,LU Yaobin,HU Yingying
Taking in-feed advertising as the research object, the factors influencing the in-feed ad avoidance of users in social media were studied by limited-capacity model of attention and social presence theory. Findings from an online survey of 351 social media users showed that consistency helped to reduce para-telic users’perceptions of goal impediment and ad clutter, but would increase the ad avoidance of telic users. Accordingly, the moderating effect of user mode has been verified. In addition, those with higher perceived sociability of in-feed ads generated lower levels of perceptions of goal impediment, ad clutter and ad avoidance. Specifically, this study demonstrated that perceived sociability could be improved through insight support and activity support.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 759- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1372KB] ( 83 )
767 The Industry Operation Quality Evaluation Research Based on MTS and Data Envelopment Analysis
YE Fangyu,SHAN Miyuan,HAN Zhijun,ZHOU Yijun
This paper establishes an industrial operation quality evaluation model by combining the Mahalanobis-Taguchi system with Data Envelopment Analysis based on the existing industrial operation quality evaluation models. Besides, this paper sets Hunan Province Industrial Operation Quality Evaluation as an example to testify this model. The empirical results show that this model is effective. The proposed model can optimize the original evaluation indices and improve the identification of the evaluation information. In addition, compared with the traditional Mahalanobis-Taguchi system, the proposed model can exclude some abnormal data that may be doped in the initial normal samples and guarantee the data quality in the benchmark space. Further, the proposed model can be applied to industrial quality evaluation.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 767- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1016KB] ( 63 )
774 Revenue Sharing Contract for a Supply Chain with Demand Depending on Promotion and Pricing
DAI Jiansheng
This paper employed CVaR approach to investigate the coordination of a supply chain with a risk-averse retailer, who exerts promotion effort and pricing decision. Firstly, optimal strategies of the retailer and of the supply chain were characterized in case of centralized decision and of decentralized decision, respectively. Secondly, it designed contract mechanisms to achieve channel coordination. Furthermore, it analyzed impact of risk aversion degree of the retailer on parameters of the coordination contract. Finally, a numerical example was carried out to confirm correctness and validity of the theoretical analysis. It showed that the supply chain can be coordinated by revenue sharing and cost sharing mechanism in the case of the retailer being risk neutral, but cannot work in the case of risk aversion. However, the contract mechanism mentioned above, mixed with floor price policy, can perfectly achieve coordination of the supply chain.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 774- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1212KB] ( 81 )
782 Differential Game Analysis on Supply Chain’s Strategy of Carbon Emission Reduction R&D under Carbon Trading Policy
WEI Shoudao
Given carbon trading policy, a two-level supply chain consists of two suppliers and two manufactures. Each firm in the supply chain can choose one organization of carbon emission reduction R&D, including R&D competition, horizontal R&D cooperation, vertical R&D cooperation and general R&D cooperation. Taking into account dynamic change of carbon emission, four differential game models are constructed respectively. From the view of stock of carbon emission, supplier’s profit, manufacture’s profit and supply chain’s total profit, the optimal choice of carbon emission reduction R&D for each firm is analyzed. It is shown that general R&D cooperation is the optimal choice for the supplier; R&D competition is the optimal choice for the manufacture, but both horizontal R&D cooperation and vertical R&D cooperation can only be the second best choice for each firm.
2018 Vol. 18 (5): 782- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1747KB] ( 72 )




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