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Chinese Journal of Management
2018 Vol.15 Issue.1
Published 2018-01-01

1 Four Key Points of Organizational Transformation in Uncertain Environment:Based on Case Study of New Hope Liuhe’s Transformation
CHEN Chunhua,SONG Yixiao,ZHU Li
Based on the perspective of contextual uncertainty, this paper analyzes the organizational transformation process of New Hope Liuhe. Through collecting and selecting data, digging deeply into tests and extracting strategies, this paper refines out four most important key points, namely, cognition of managers, dual business model, shared cognition, and values of customers, which are needed to be grasped in organizational transformation with uncertainty. These four key points are the control of direction, feasible ways, efficient protection and core destination of organizational transformation. Then this paper constructs a strategy system for enterprises to control uncertainty as well as a running model through analyzing New Hope Liuhe’s transformation practice. Research results imply significant meanings both theoretically and practically on the management of uncertainty.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 1- [Abstract] ( 7 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1697KB] ( 0 )
11 Research on the Management Innovation and Internationlization Path with the Grounded Spirit
JIA Xudong,HE Guangyuan,CHEN Jiali,HENG Liang
This paper constructed the “Management Ternary Model”, “The Model of Management Theory Construction and Development”, “Management Theory Pyramid Model” and “Management Three Fields Interaction Model”, put forward the concepts of “Emic Research”, “Etic Research” and “Light Company Phenomenon”, discussed the relationship between situationality and universality, indigenization and internationalization of management theory, reviewed the literatures of domestic Grounded Theory research, analyzed the relationship between the interaction of management “Three Fields” which include academic, business and consulting circles with the innovation of management theory, and analyzed the problems of “Three Fields” in China. This paper indicates that the correct path of Chinese management theory innovation and internationalization should root in the indigenous practice with the “Grounded Spirit”, use the normative qualitative research methodology with the Grounded Theory as representative, vigorously carry out “Emic Research”, make the obtaining of the “Middle Range Theory” which can explain reality and guide practice as the goal and gradually improve the level of internationalization.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 11- [Abstract] ( 12 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 2420KB] ( 107 )
20 The Integrative Construct of Supervisor-Subordinate Guanxi:Questionnaire Development and Psychometric Properties
GUO Xiaowei,FAN Wei
This study aimed at developing an integrative measure of SSG based on the integrative SSG construct. The final version of the scale involves 14 items loading on 4 factors: affectiveness, formal exchange, favor exchange, and obligation. The construct of SSG typology was also tested with cluster analysis based on the integrative SSG scale. Various reliability and validity analysis showed that the integrative SSG scale possesses good psychometric properties, and makes unique contribution beyond the current SSG measures. It was indicated that the scale is a useful tool with integrative contents and clear constructs for future research.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 20- [Abstract] ( 9 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1485KB] ( 96 )
30 A Study on Employee Perceived Diversity Management, Culture Intelligence and Work Performance in Cross-Cultural Situation
DONG Linping,LI Xiaobei,GUAN Tao
With the development of globalization, the employee’s diversity in Chinese organizations is inevitable. Effective diversity management has a strategic significance for the organizations. From the perspective of trait activation theory and organizational context model, this study examines the relationship between employee’s perceived diversity management and their performance with data collected from 241 employees in 98 international enterprises. The results show that perceived diversity management based on learning-efficiency paradigm has positive impact on employees’ task performance and adaptive performance in cross-cultural situation, culture intelligence functions as a partial mediator between perceived diversity management and employee’s task performance, and as a mediator between perceived diversity management and employee’s adaptive performance. The research enriches the theories of diversity management and provides useful practical implications for enterprises to improve diversity management.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 30- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1266KB] ( 79 )
39 The Effects of Process Formalization, Cultural Orientation and Entrepreneurial Orientation on New Product Creativity
ZHAO Xu,LIU Xinmei
Drawing upon organizational design, competing values framework and strategic theory, the effective interaction of process formalization, cultural attributes and entrepreneurial orientation of firm is conducive to new product creativity. Using 209 Chinese firms as the research objects, this study first tests the direct effect of process formalization on new product creativity, and then further analyzes the moderating role of cultural orientation, entrepreneurial orientation, and the interaction of them in the relationship between process formalization and new product creativity. Results show that process formalization is positively related to new product creativity; flexibility orientation positively moderates the relationship between process formalization and new product creativity, and control orientation also positively moderates the relationship between them. Moreover, the three-way interaction effort of process formalization, flexibility orientation and entrepreneurial orientation is positively related to new product creativity.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 39- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1167KB] ( 70 )
48 Innovation Partner Heterogeneity, Dual Organization Learning and Open Innovation Performance
YUE Hu,ZHANG Zongyi,ZHU Huainian
Taking open innovation situation as the research background, we explore the relationship among innovation partner heterogeneity (including organizational type heterogeneity, technological ability heterogeneity and target heterogeneity), dual organization learning and open innovation performance. On the basis of the proposed model, we tested it by means of 284 valid samples. The empirical analysis results showed that innovation partner heterogeneity and technological ability heterogeneity have an inverted U-shaped relationship with open innovation performance. Target heterogeneity has a negative effect on innovation performance. Moreover, dual organization learning plays an intermediary role in the relationship between innovation partner heterogeneity and innovation performance. However, the relationship and affecting extent between segmentated dimensions of innovation partner heterogeneity (organizational type heterogeneity, technological ability heterogeneity, and target heterogeneity) and learning style (exploratory learning and exploitative learning) is different significantly.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 48- [Abstract] ( 6 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1210KB] ( 88 )
57 Experiential Learning,Entrepreneurial Action Learning and Entrepreneurship Competence-Moderating Effect of Henristic
XIE Yaping,CHEN Ruijun,WANG Juan
From the analysis of the process of experiential learning and entrepreneurial learning decision-making methods, this study proposes a conceptual model investigating the relationship between experiential learning and entrepreneurship competence where entrepreneurial action learning is taken as an mediator variable and henristic as moderation variable. Empirical tests have been made with 398 entrepreneurs as research samples. It is found that the experiential learning process is divided into three stages: experience acquisition, reflective observation and abstract conceptualization; entrepreneurial action learning, divided into critical reflection, interactive support and execution application, plays partly mediating role between experiential learning and entrepreneurship competence; entrepreneurship competence is the results of “experiential learning-entrepreneurial action learning” double loop learning chain; henristic is an effective decision-making process in the learning process, and the henristic plays a moderating role between experiential learning and entrepreneurship competence.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 57- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1353KB] ( 68 )
66 The Influence of Network Embeddedness and Interaction Effects on the Performance of Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship
HE Huitao,YUAN Yongzhi
According to the analysis of unique network characteristic of overseas talents in China Venture, this paper, from the perspective of dual network interactions, conducts an in-depth study of the impacts of local, overseas networks and dual network interactions on international entrepreneurial survival and growth performance. The results, which are based on the empirical research of 273 valid samples of venture enterprises in China, indicate that both local and overseas network have a significant positive effect on entrepreneurial survival and growth performance. Evidence also shows the local network is more conducive to entrepreneurial survival performance, while the overseas network is more conducive to the growth performance of transnational entrepreneurship. In addition, the findings reveal that the interaction of the dual network has access to produce complementary effect, which promotes the optimization of network resources, and has a more obvious influence on the whole performance of transnational entrepreneurship.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 66- [Abstract] ( 5 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1017KB] ( 59 )
74 Research on Obstructive Factors and the Influencing Mechanism of Consumers’ Involvement in Quantified-Self
ZHANG Yudong,LI Dongjin
Consumers’ abandonment will directly impede long-term utility of “Quantified-Self” and benefits of related enterprises. Through the exploratory development of dimensions of obstructive factors and verification of the influencing mechanism how these factors impede consumers’ involvement in “Quantified-Self”, obstructive factors of consumers’ involvement in “Quantified-Self” are divided into six dimensions, namely operational barriers, attitudinal barriers, sharing barriers, data barriers, cognitive barriers, maintaining barriers. In addition to maintaining barriers aroused by the satisfaction of behavior and capacity, the transfer of objective concerns and the restriction of environmental conditions, the operational barriers caused by data collection, integration, and reflection difficulties will increase consumers’ perceived difficulty of involving in “Quantified-Self”. Cognitive barriers, data barriers, sharing barriers and attitudinal barriers may promote consumers’ perceived uselessness of involving in “Quantified-Self”. The perceived difficulty and uselessness then promote the intention to give up “Quantified-Self”. The results can provide guidance for driving consumers to participate in “Quantified-Self” and improving enterprises’ related strategies.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 74- [Abstract] ( 7 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1696KB] ( 0 )
84 The Impact of Frontline Service Employee’s Capability to Deal with Customer Misbehavior on Fellow Customer
LIU Ruping,FAN Guangwei,MA Qinhai
From the view of the interaction among the problem customer, frontline employees and fellow customer, this study examine the impact of capability of frontline service employee to deal with customer misbehavior on fellow customers’ service quality perception and loyalty as well as the mediation effect of deontic justic and the moderation effect of the type of customer misbehavior. Survey was adopted to collect data through questionnaire star network platform. The result shows that capability of frontline service employee to deal with customer misbehavior has a significant positive effect on fellow customers’ service quality perception and loyalty and the mediation effect of deontic justic is significant. The moderation effect of the different type of customer misbehavior is significant. When the customer misbehavior behavior is aimed at the fellow customers, the effect of employee’s coping ability on deontic justic is stronger.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 84- [Abstract] ( 6 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1329KB] ( 80 )
93 The Effect of Categorization Mode on Hybrid Product Evaluation
The advance of technology has accelerated the development of hybrid products. Though more and more hybrid products have gained popularity in the market, the theoretical research has neglected the consumer cognition mechanism of hybrid products. Three specific studies were included. Specifically, the results of study 1 showed that categorization mode played direct mediation role when consumers evaluate the hybrid products. Specifically, when the property similarity is high, consumers would tend to categorize the hybrid product into existed product category, otherwise they would categorize the hybrid product into a totally new product category. The results of study2 showed that the product knowledge moderates the mediation role of the categorization mode. If the consumer has more hybrid product knowledge, they would more likely categorize the hybrid product in the existing product category; otherwise they would classify the hybrid product into a new product category. The results of study 3 showed that hybrid product promotion type would also moderate the mediation role of the categorization mode.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 93- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1554KB] ( 92 )
103 Operational Decision and Optimal Choice of Payment to a Supply Chain Based on Wholesale Price Incentive
SHEN Jiannan,SHAO Xiaofeng
In order to seek the ways to coordinate the payment between downstream and upstream enterprise. So there exists a supply chain consisting one manufacturer and one retailer under uncertain demand and three payment terms, this study establishes supply chain dynamic game model based on Push newsvendor. Wholesale price incentive is designed according to different payment. Operational strategies and revenue for each other with or without wholesale price incentive are present, and the conditions of optimal payment are analyzed. The results show that retailer actually chooses to delay payment without wholesale price incentive. But retailer and manufacturer select optimal payment on the basis of wholesale price, risk-free interest, production cycle and sales cycle with wholesale price incentive, and the optimal payment between them is most similar, which verifies wholesale price incentive partly coordinate the optimal payment.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 103- [Abstract] ( 5 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1469KB] ( 90 )
111 Sales Modes Selection for the Manufacturer Considering Direct Selling Cost and Platform Transaction Fee
SUN Zilai,WANG Xuping,RUAN Junhu,GAO Yan
Considering a marketing system composed of a manufacturer and a B2C e-retailer, three sales modes, namely online direct channel mode, platform flagship store mode and wholesale sales mode, are developed from the perspective of a manufacturer, and then, the decision-making bases of sales mode selection for a manufacturer are discussed through comparing the profits of every two kinds of sales mode. The results show that, when the price elasticity of demand is large, the manufacturer chooses the direct channel mode under the condition that the direct channel’s unit sales cost is very small; otherwise, it will choose the B2C e-commerce platform flagship store mode or wholesale mode. When the service elasticity of demand is large, the manufacturer chooses the B2C e-commerce platform flagship store mode or wholesale sales mode no matter how much the direct selling cost is. When the transaction fee ratio of the B2C e-commerce platform is small as well as the price elasticity of demand is large, the manufacturer chooses the B2C e-commerce platform flagship store mode, or chooses the wholesale mode if the service elasticity of demand is large.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 111- [Abstract] ( 7 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 993KB] ( 65 )
118 Determination of Optimal Government Subsidy Policy in Green Product Market
SUN Di,YU Yumiao
In order to explore the effect of different subsidy policies,this paper establishes a two-stage game model of government subsidizing green producers and consumers by taking into account factors such as consumer preference and green degree in the green supply chain management.Through using the method of numerical simulation,this paper analyses the difference between these two kinds of government subsidy policies.The results show that both two subsidy policies can promote the development of green products.When subsidy level is very low,the gap between two kinds of subsidy policy is not great.However,with subsidy level gradually being increased,the policy of government subsidizing consumers can increase consumer demand for green product to a greater extent, bring greater benefits for green producers,better promote social welfare,and furthermore,promote the development of green industry more effectively.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 118- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 2271KB] ( 63 )
127 Research on Supply Chain Decision Making Based on Bidirectional Options and B2B Electronic Market under the Disturbance of Unexpected Events
TANG Zhenyu,LUO Xinxing,CHEN Xiaohong
How to prompt the supply chain system to resume its normal operation quickly and effectively after the disturbance of the emergency has become a problem to be solved. This article takes short life cycle products as the research object, considering the existence of B2B electronics market, and introduces bidirectional option contract. Through model construction and numerical analysis, the optimal decision of supply chain members under emergencies is studied. The change of contract parameters and the influence of market demand fluctuation on the optimal expectation profit of member enterprises are examined. The results show that the combination of two option and B2B electronic market can effectively cope with the fluctuation of demand caused by unexpected events.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 127- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1064KB] ( 67 )
135 The Impact of Differentiated Brands Competing Manufacture’s Encroachment under Different Supply Chain Power Structures
JIN Liang,GUO Meng
Given a supply chain consisting of an incumbent manufacturer, an entrant manufacturer and a retailer, the retailer is supplied by two manufacturers with differentiated brands (a good brand and an average brand). According to the power structure differences, and considering the brand differentiation, four types of models are constructed in this study, which include the benchmark models and two Stackelberg game models by the manufacturers and retailer respectively. The results show that, before the entrant manufacturer enters the market, the imbalanced power between the incumbent manufacturer and the retailer plays no role on the optimal pricing or the profits of the whole supply chain. Faced with the entrant’s entry, the power structures will influence the two manufactures’ profit because it may soften the price competition. The incumbent manufacturer’ power advantage leads to higher optimal wholesale price as well as a higher retail price. This implies that the incumbent manufacturer’s unfair advantage decreases the profit of whole supply chain.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 135- [Abstract] ( 5 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1401KB] ( 110 )
144 The Effects and Mechanisms of Employees Feeling Trusted on Performance Review
SUN Liping,LONG Lirong,LI Ziyi
Feeling trusted is an independent concept and construct relatively to trusting in the trust relationship. It refers to the trusted other’s own perception of whether he or she is trusted by others. In the vertical dyads of organization, employees feeling trusted by their supervisors are benefit to their internal driving force of work, in-role performance and organizational citizenship behavior. However feeling trusted for employees may be a burden, lead to their emotional exhaustion, and thus reduce their performance. This paper introduces the concept, construct and measurement of felling trusted, as well as its complex function and mechanisms on performance. At last, the paper points out the related research direction in the future.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 144- [Abstract] ( 6 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1102KB] ( 98 )
151 The Study of Innovation Ecosystem Evolution and Development
FAN Xia,JIA Jianlin,MENG Yangyi
This study applied the bibliometric method and leveraged the analysis of general descriptive statistics, co-citation literature and co-word to reveal the process of innovation ecosystem development and evolution, the theoretical knowledge and research themes. The results indicate that for nearly a decade the related research have increased rapidly, which mainly focused on Europe, the United States and other developed countries. Management, economics and business research are found to be the core fields of innovation ecosystem. Ecological system theory, competition theory, dynamic development theory, network structure theory and modularity theory jointly constitute the core theory base of innovation ecosystem. The development and evolution of research topics have mainly experienced three phases, with themes of sustainable development, open innovation, value creation and collaborative innovation respectively.
2018 Vol. 15 (1): 151- [Abstract] ( 5 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1430KB] ( 105 )




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