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Chinese Journal of Management
2017 Vol.14 Issue.9
Published 2017-09-01

1263 Research on Brand Cluster Building and Growth Mechanism of Transnational Corporation in Host Countries from the Perspective of Ecological Niche:Developing the Chinese Market Case Study of Vokswagen
XU Hui,DENG Weisheng,ZHANG Haijun1
Based on the brand ecological niche perspective,this study explores the construction and the growth mechanism of brand cluster of multinational enterprises in host countries,by using longitudinal case study on the localization of the Volkswagen Group in China. It is found that:①the enterprise ecological response caused by brand niche displacement is internal motive force of brand cluster’s development;②unification of independence and coordination is the fundamental principle to construct and cultivate brand cluster; ③under the process of initial stage,developing stage and mature stage,brand cluster building and growth focus on frame construction,system perfection and cohesiveness; ④the key point of each stage transfers from structure construction to ability cultivation with the purpose of building long-term market traction and ultimately aiming at sustainable development. Based on the analysis of Volkswagen group’s development in China market,this study analyzes the relationship between the brand niche construction/displacement and the ecological response of enterprises,finally constructs the growth model of the multinational enterprises’ brand cluster in host countries.
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1263- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 2728KB] ( 0 )
1274 The Application Status and Future Development of Grounded Theory in Chinese Indigenous Management Research
FAN Peihua,GAO Li,HOU Mingjun
After systematically searching and sorting management literature with grounded theory, this study builds a document database of management literature based on the grounded theory. Combined with Bluhm and Pratt et al.’s evaluation system, this study codes from the 160 studies one by one. It analyzes the current status of China’s indigenous management theory which is built by the grounded theory. According to the current status and problems, this study explains how to use the method and provides related recommendations.
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1274- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1721KB] ( 220 )
1283 Management Theory Research and Practical Exploration of Chinese Enterprises under Internet   Background: Review of the 8th Annual Conference of Chinese Management Cases
HOU Zhiping,HUANG Shaojie,CUI Fasheng,ZHANG Jue
The topic of the 8th “Annual Conference on Management Case Studies” is “Management Theory of Chinese Enterprises under the Internet Background”. The conference explored the management theory in Chinese context from enterprises practice under the internet background, and promoted the development of Chinese management case studies. Through summary of plenary lectures, parallel forum and conference paper presentations, main academic viewpoints are reviewed from three different aspects: management theory research under the internet background, practice explore of Chinese enterprise management innovation, theories and methods of case study.
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1283- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1557KB] ( 164 )
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1292- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1585KB] ( 0 )
1300 The Development of Scale of the Employee’s Raises Values
SHAO Jianping,SHAN Wenting,SI Xiaqing
With the goal of developing the scale of the employee’s raises values, this study proposes 40 items of the scale through in-depth interview. Firstly, a scale of the employee’s raises values with 18 items is verified through exploratory factor analysis (EFA),including fairness, manifestation of ability value, realization of dignity, standardization of raises process and matching of desired prosperity; secondly, a second-order five-factor model is set up and it has good construct validity;thirdly, the effectiveness of the scale of the employee’s raises values is validated by the positive predictive effect of employee’s raises values on employee in-role and extra-role performance.
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1300- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1317KB] ( 149 )
1308 An Empirical Study of Union Transformational Leadership and Union Citizenship Behavior in China: The Effect of Union Practice and Chinese Traditionalism
SHAN Hongmei,HU Enhua,ZHANG Mengqi,ZHANG Maolong
The study collected data from 433 employees of non-state-owned enterprises by questionnaires, and analyzed the different relationships between union transformational leadership, union citizenship behavior, union practice and Chinese traditionalism by multivariable linear regression method. The findings showed that union transformational leadership has a significant positive effect on union citizenship behavior; participation, education and construction practice of Chinese trade unions play a partly mediating role between union transformational leadership and union citizenship behavior, but the effect of safeguard practice is not significant; Chinese traditionality significantly moderates the relationship between union transformational leadership and union citizenship behavior: for low-traditional employees, relationship between transformational leadership and union citizenship behavior is significant, while for high-traditional employees, the relationship is not significant.
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1308- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1177KB] ( 115 )
1315 Supervisor Incivility Is Related to Employee Creativity:A Locus of Control Explanation of the Mediated Relations
LIU Chang’e,HU Shumin,YU Shengxian,CHEN Yahui
Research to date has largely been unclear about the relationship between supervisor incivility and employee innovation. In the current research, we examine the extent to which hostile cognition mediates the relationship between supervisor incivility and employee innovation, and the extent to which locus of control moderates these relationships. By collecting 317 employees’ data, it is found that supervisor incivility is associated with employee innovation and hostile cognition fully mediates this relationship. Moreover, locus of control moderates the indirect effect, such that the higher employees with locus of control are, the weaker employees with hostile cognition are. Implications for theory and practice are discussed.
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1315- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1377KB] ( 135 )
1324 The Strength of Network Ties and Organizational Legitimacy in the New Venture:The Moderating Roles of Entrepreneurial Institutional Environments
WANG Lingling,ZHAO Wenhong,WEI Zelong
This study explores the relationship between the strength of network ties and organizational legitimacy in the new ventures, and further explores how entrepreneurial institutional environments moderate the relationship between the strength of network ties and organizational legitimacy based on signaling and institutional theories. The findings from a survey of 165 new ventures in Xi’an High Tech Industrial Development Zone indicate that the strength of network ties positively affects firm legitimacy. It is more beneficial when the regulatory dimension of entrepreneurial institutional environments is low while the normative dimension is high. The study concludes with a discussion of the theoretical contributions and managerial implications for understanding the contingent value of tie strength on firm legitimacy.
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1324- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1350KB] ( 220 )
1332 The Influences of Customer Participation on Marketing Innovation Capability of B2B Firms:Moderating Roles of Inter-Organizational Relationship
ZHANG Jing,ZHU Miao,DU Mingfei
While the majority of existing literature believes that customer participation can improve firm’s innovation, some argue that it also involves risks and dark sides. This study examines the impacts of customer participation upon B2B firm’s marketing innovation capability, as well as the moderating roles of inter-organizational relationship (including customer’s relationship commitments, firm’s relational capability and bilateral dependence structure). The results of questionnaire survey among 376 B2B firms show that: ①customer participation (CP) can improve firm’s marketing innovation capability (MIC); ② dependence structure moderates the CP-MIC link, while total interdependence enhances the positive influence and interdependence asymmetry negatively moderates the main effect; ③customer’s relationship commitment and firm’s relational capability do not exert moderating effect.
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1332- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1214KB] ( 129 )
1340 The Cross-Level Impact of Team Members’ and Supervisor’s Goal Orientation on Individual Creativity
YANG Hongtao,XIAO Zhengrong
Based on the data from questionnaires on 107 teams and using Hierarchical Linear Modeling(HLM), this study investigates the impact of team members’ goal orientation on individual creativity under cross-level moderating effect of team supervisor’s goal orientation. The results reveal that: ①Team members’ learning goal orientation has a positive impact on creativity; ②Under the circumstance of supervisors’ high-learning goal orientation, team members’ learning goal orientation has an “inversed-U shape” impact on creativity, and performance-approach goal orientation has a positive impact on creativity; ③Under the circumstance of supervisors’ low-learning goal orientation, team members’ learning goal orientation has a positive impact on creativity, and performance-avoidance goal orientation has a negative impact on creativity; ④In the supervisors’ high-performance-approach goal orientation context, team members’ learning goal orientation has a “S shape” impact on creativity, and performance-avoidance goal orientation has a positive impact on creativity; ⑤In the supervisors’ low-performance-approach goal orientation context, team members’ learning goal orientation has a positive impact on creativity, while performance-approach and avoidance goal orientation have a negative impact on creativity respectively.
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1340- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1527KB] ( 151 )
1351 The Influence of Value Co-Creating on Fashion Design Attributes:Scale Development and Empirical Study
ZHANG Hao,DONG Zhiqi,WANG Hongsu
Based on the theories of customer value co-creation and new product development, this study constructs a theoretical model and empirically validate it using the scale of fashionable web celebrity attribute in fashion related industries. The results show that fashion web celebrity has five attributes independent with general consumer: network popularity, fashion, purpose, affinity and topic. When they participate in value co-creation, the attributes will impact on aesthetic and symbolic of product design significantly. The results deeply expands and explains the attributes of fashionable web celebrity and enriches the theory of customer value co-creation.
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1351- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1800KB] ( 0 )
1362 Destruction or Rebirth:Communication Strategy and Consumer Trust Reconstruction in an Industry-Wide Crisis
WANG Xuefang,ZHANG Hongxia
This research investigates a representative industry-wide crisis in recent years with the method of case analysis. Comprehensive comparative analyses are conducted with four major involved brands’ crisis communication strategies (Study 1) and four major brands’ advertising strategies after the crisis (Study 2).Combined with the results of financial data and brand trust surveys, a “corporate communication strategy and consumer trust reconstruction system model in industry-wide crisis” is proposed. The results show that enterprises should actively respond, when an industry-wide crisis occurs, to avoid becoming the industry’s “scapegoat”. After the crisis, they should take a series of communication strategies to repair the brand image, and pay attention to both rational and emotional advertising appeals to communicate in all directions. During the crisis communication, besides emphasizing the core value, enterprises should highlight their own advantages to facilitate the rebuilding and maintaining of consumer’s brand trust.
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1362- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 2946KB] ( 0 )
1374 A Study on Corporate Social Responsibility, Product Quality Choice and Coordination Contracts in Supply Chains
FAN Jianchang,NI Debing,TANG Xiaowo

According to the question of whether corporate social responsibility (CSR) enhances the product quality provided by supply chains, a two-stage game model in a supply chain consisting of an upstream manufacturer and a downstream retailer is built to investigate how the manufacturer’s CSR affects the equilibrium operating results of the supply chain. The results shows that:an increase in the degree of the manufacturer’s CSR increases the product quality, the product demand and the stakeholders’ economic profit, but reduces the manufacturer’s economic profit; the product quality, the product demand and the stakeholders’ economic profit increase with the product quality improvement efficiency, but how the manufacturer’s economic profit changes depends on the relative size of the degree of CSR and the quality improvement efficiency. A proper combination of a quantity discount contract and a quality improvement cost sharing contract can effectively coordinate the operations of the supply chain. The CSR activity implemented by the retailer leads to a higher product quality level and a higher product demand.

2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1374- [Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1324KB] ( 0 )
1384 The Impact of Retailer’s Demand Forecasting Accuracy under Different Sales Promotion Modes
XU Minghui,YANG Dongsheng
This study considers a supply chain consisting of a risk-natural supplier and a risk-averse retailer who faces a stochastic demand influenced by retail price and sales effort. Before selling season, the retailer makes demand forecasting and obtains an signal. Two types of sales promotion modes are discussed: retailer promotion (RP) and manufacturer promotion (MP). For each promotion mode, we derive the optimal selling price, wholesale price and sales effort, and investigate the impacts of the demand forecasting accuracy on the decisions and utilities of channel members, and the preferences for promotion modes. The results indicate that the retailer are better off with both promotion modes when improving demand forecasting accuracy. Under RP mode, improving forecasting accuracy is beneficial to the supplier only if the effectiveness of sales effort is relatively high. Under MP mode, improving forecasting accuracy is harmful to the supplier. Under certain conditions, both channel members prefer to MP (RP) mode when the forecasting accuracy is lower (higher). If the forecasting accuracy is at a moderate level, there may be conflicts of preferences of promotion modes.
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1384- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1771KB] ( 143 )
1394 WCVaR Based Integrated Optimization of Supply Chain Procurement and Distribution Decision under Customers’ Time Preference
TAO Jin,GUAN Zhimin,QIU Ruozhen
Under the uncertainties of both business-as-usual factors and catastrophic events, the supply chain procurement and distribution integrated optimization problem is studied based on the decision maker’s risk aversion and customers’ time preference behaviors using resilient strategies including multi-sourcing, alternative source supply and transshipment. A stochastic chance constrained programming model is proposed as along with the solutions. The results show that the optimization model based on WCVaR measure is more suitable for risk averse decision makers as it makes the supply chain profit and service level more robust. The risk averse decision makers should pay more attention to the response and control of the upstream uncertainty rather than that of the downstream. Both the extension of product epidemic period and the decrease of the customer’s sensitivity to long-term and short-term product value perception contribute to the supply chain profitability. Decision suggestions are also provided to practitioners according to sensitivity analysis.
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1394- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 2837KB] ( 109 )
1405 Manufacturing Supplier Evaluation from Performance-Resilience Prospective
MA Shugang,GUO Jidong,ZHANG Xuelong
From the performance plus resilience prospective, a manufacturer’s supplier evaluation index system, composed of three dimensions of cooperation resilience, operation resilience and performance, is established with supply capability and stability taken into account. The entropy value method is used to determine index weights based on proper measurement of these indexes. Considering insufficient effectiveness verification for existing evaluation methods, the TOPSIS technique is integrated with case reasoning method to assess resilience and performance of suppliers. The following findings are obtained. Firstly, the proposed method combining the TOPSIS and case reasoning can more effectively improve satisfaction of supplier evaluation; Secondly, interrupted suppliers often have higher cooperation resilience, lower outsourcing stability, operation and information resilience. Moreover, most of them belong to small or medium-sized suppliers. Thirdly, through time series analysis, large core suppliers score higher for their operation stability, comparatively lower in internal operation management for large general suppliers. For medium or small general suppliers, their annual evaluation values fluctuate the most and their operation resilience shall be further enhanced to guarantee supply stability.
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1405- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1240KB] ( 107 )
1414 The Knowledge Map and Popular Topics of Psychological Contract Research in China:A Bibliometric Study of CSSCI Papers
WEI Feng,BEI Yulian,LIU Yu
Psychological contract is the bond between employees and organizations, and the importance in practice has made it a popular topic in human resource management. In order to clarify the major trend in psychological contract research, we got 480 literature on psychological contract between 1998 to 2015, using Chinese social science citation index (CSSCI) as data source. Then, the psychological contract knowledge mapping was proposed by using bibliometric co-word analysis and the NodeXL for visualization analysis. Based on the analysis of knowledge mapping, we concluded six research fronts in psychological contract research. The potential research topics were discussed finally.
2017 Vol. 14 (9): 1414- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1408KB] ( 172 )




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