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Chinese Journal of Management
2017 Vol.14 Issue.11
Published 2017-11-01

1579 Institutional Logics and the Management Mode of “Western Formality but Chinese Substance” ——An Institutional Analysis of Management Practices of State-Owned Enterprises
WANG Liping
The literature suggests two approaches studying state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in China, either evaluating SOEs using the western criteria, or overly emphasizing their indigenous features rooted in China. This paper draws on the institutional literature and discerns technical, economic, and sociopolitical logics in regulating SOEs. Across the layers of dao, ti, and shu, this study analyzes the management mode of “Western Formality but Chinese Substance” that is reflected in large SOEs since economic reform. This paper suggests that the sociopolitical logic is dominant in these logics, and both Chinese and Western rules coexist and probably collide, while Chinese force is prior to Western’s, and Western in formality but Chinese in substance. Beneath these management practices is the legacy of Chinese traditional management culture.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1579- [Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1347KB] ( 73 )
1587 Literature Review on Domestic Imitative Entrepreneurship based on Text Analysis
YIN Miaomiao,LI YunZHOU Bingyu
We collected relative literature of imitative entrepreneurship published in domestic core journals from the year 2001, and we adopted the grounded theory research method. Our results show that the imitative entrepreneurship could exhibit a kind of demonstration effect. In the role of leading enterprises of demonstration, imitative entrepreneurs observe the facts that the leading enterprises through certain channels and under the influence of demonstration events implement entrepreneurship activities. Imitative entrepreneurship is often due to the pursuit of low cost, seeking legitimacy, its innovation ability insufficiency, the limited resources endowment and so on, to carry out the imitative entrepreneurial activity. Imitative entrepreneurial activities lead to the diffusion of technical knowledge, thus have independent intellectual property rights, which is promoting innovation. At the same time, imitating the pioneering can reduce entrepreneurial risks, form the advantage of backwardness and obtain competitive advantages.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1587- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1221KB] ( 0 )
1594 “Platform+Small and Micro Enterprises”Organization Structure for Service-Oriented Manufacturing Enterprises——A Case Study of Haier
JIAN Zhaoquan,LIU Xiaoyan,LI Lei
According to the environment-strategy-structure contingency theory,the research framework of organization structure for service-oriented manufacturing enterprises was proposed firstly,and then Haier is used as the research object. It is summed up that Internet environment makes the service strategy be the personalized customization and whole process experience,organizational structure accordingly evolves into“Platform + Small and Micro Enterprises”,service businesses become independently small and micro enterprises that collaborate with the internal and external resources through after-sale service tracking and user-interaction-platform and so on,and have the decision-making power,human rights and salary distribution rights.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1594- [Abstract] ( 5 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1487KB] ( 50 )
1603 The Innovation of Management Theory with Chinese Characteristics: A Review of the 2017 Symposium on the Indigenous Management Research in China
QIAN Jingjing
The 2017 Symposium on the 3rd Indigenous Management Research in China was held at School of Economics and Management, Wuhan University, from June 23rd to June 24th, 2017. Under the theme of “The Innovation of Management Theory with Chinese Characteristics” and three topics of connection with traditional philosophy, establishment of indigenous management theory and application in Chinese context, the scholars discussed the integration, innovation, creation and application between Chinese traditional philosophy and Chinese characteristic management theory. This forum became another great wisdom collision and academic event, and this paper summarized the main thoughts and achievements from the keynote speeches, special seminars and sub seminars in the forum.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1603- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 902KB] ( 0 )
1608 Learnovating Organization: Theory and Methodology
CHEN Guoquan
This paper integrates the research of learning and innovation in organizational management field, and brings forward the concepts and contents of learnovating organization and organizational learnovating capability. From the perspectives of time and space, it proposes two ways to build learnovating organization, i.e., separating and integrating way, and combing and integrating way. Based on which, this paper discusses the dynamic relationship between learning and innovation in learnovating organization and further proposes the systematical elements for building learnovating organization. This research attempts to integrate the rather segmented research of learning and innovation, combine different methods and approaches, build inner relationship between them and put forward new type of organization and organizational capability in order for people to better understand and interpret organizational phenomena and have corresponding decision and action, and further promote organizational healthy development.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1608- [Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1283KB] ( 35 )
1616 Co-Evolution between Team Knowledge Integration and Team Power Allocation in Boundaryless Organization: Case Study Based on A.O. Smith
QIN Weiping,CHEN Xin,LI Jin,ZHOU Lulu
By means of phenomenon-driven case study, team knowledge integration, team power allocation, and their co-evolution process have been described in A.O. Smith’s boundaryless management which goes beyond outer boundary, horizontal boundary, vertical boundary and psychological boundary. The study finds out that team knowledge integration, surrounding boundary innovation, integration differences and flexible inter-dependence, gradually realize coordination with team power allocation surrounding boundary innovation, order reconstruction and dynamic distribution at the three layers of niche, system and landscape. Therefore, in the process of promoting the enterprise’s boundary-less management, in order to adapt to the characteristics of knowledge dispersion and heterogeneity, team power is distributed among team members, and on the contrary, such power allocation promotes the accelerated and effective integration of knowledge. The conclusion of the study has important theoretical significance and practical enlightenment for the enterprises to cope with changing external environment, sufficiently integrate its internal resources, and raise and maintain their own competitiveness.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1616- [Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1553KB] ( 37 )
1624 Research on the Relationship between Inclusive Leadership and Employee Engagement:Based on an Organizational Identification Perspective
JIAN Haoxian,XU Yunfei,CAO Man,ZHAO Shuming
From the perspective of organizational identification, this study explores the influence mechanism and boundary condition of inclusive leadership on employee engagement. Research results showed that: inclusive leadership was positively related to organizational identification, organizational identification was positively related to employee engagement; inclusive leadership was positively related to employee engagement and organizational identification partially mediated the relationship between inclusive leadership and employee engagement. Employee’s self-monitoring attenuated the relationship between inclusive leadership and organizational identification, such that the higher the level of employee’s self-monitoring was, the weaker the positive relationship between inclusive leadership and organizational identification was. This study contributes to a new perspective on understanding the relationship between inclusive leadership and employee engagement.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1624- [Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 986KB] ( 55 )
1631 Research on the Concept, Structure and Measurement of Guanxi Deviate Behavior
GUO Wenchen,SUN Shaosheng,DAI Rong
Guanxi deviate behavior (GDB) is the guanxi using behavior of the negative organizational behavior, which may have negative impact on individuals, organizations and society. This study theoretically discusses guanxi behavior and deviate behavior, and it first proposes and defines the concept of GDB. After interviewing thirty business executives and summarizing relevant papers from four large databases, the study employs grounded theory to refine and define the core category and its dimensions, and builds the structure model of GDB. Then the study develops GDB scale using factor analysis, principal component analysis and other methods, and determines three dimensions of GDB, which are guanxi bribery behavior, irregular connected transaction behavior and guanxi alliance behavior. Besides, the leading causes of GDB, the difference between GDB, Workplace Deviant Behavior and Immoral Behavior, the research contributions of GDB, research limitations and prospects are discussed in this paper as well.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1631- [Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1369KB] ( 49 )
1639 Research on Dynamic Relationship between Knowledge Accumulation and Dual Innovation
YANG Fei,AN Liren,SHI Beibei,GAO Peng
Based on the method of system dynamics, this study constructs the system dynamics model of knowledge accumulation and dual innovation, which is based on analyzing the causal relationship among different variables in the system of “knowledge-innovation”, and the model is simulated by simulation software VENSIM PLE. Results show that: knowledge accumulation and incremental innovation ability perform a growth trend whose rate declines; breakthrough innovation ability is opposite to that trend, i.e., initial stage is high, but maturity is low; fluctuation environment negatively conditions the relationship between knowledge accumulation and incremental innovation; compared to incremental innovation ability, external knowledge sources have a more obvious positive moderating effect on the relationship between knowledge accumulation and breakthrough innovation.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1639- [Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 2890KB] ( 33 )
1650 A Method for Selecting Business Model Innovation Path Based on NK Model
LIU Kaining,FAN Zhiping,YU Chao
In this paper, a method for selecting business model innovation path based on NK model is proposed. In the method, first, factors of business model are screened out by bibliometrics analysis and the Delphi method. Then, A correlation analysis of factors of business model is conducted based on the decision making trial and evaluation laboratory (DEMATEL) method, and the key factors in the innovation process of business model are identified, thus decision option sets of business model innovation are determined by combining different key factors of business model. Furthermore, the fitness value of decision result of each innovation can be randomly allocated based on the stochastic distribution function, and the fitness landscape figure of business model innovation can be charted according to the obtained overall decision option set of business model innovation and its corresponding fitness value. On this foundations, according to the climbing mode, the most desirable innovation path of business model can be preferred using the computer simulation technology. Finally, an example analysis is given to illustrate the feasibility and the validity of the method proposed in this paper.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1650- [Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 2540KB] ( 39 )
1662 Study on the Effect of Strategic Orientation on Dual Network Embeddedness of Returnee Entrepreneurial Firms: Based on the Perspective of Organizational Ambidexterity
PENG Wei,TANG Kangdan,FU Zhengping
This study integrates strategic orientation theory and organizational ambidexterity theory to explore the effect of market orientation and technology orientation on local network embeddedness and oversea network embeddedness of returnee entrepreneurial firm and the logical relationship between the ambidexterity of market orientation and technology orientation and the ambidexterity of dual network embeddedness of returnee entrepreneurial firm. Based on survey data from 236 returnee entrepreneurial firms in Beijing, Wuhan and Changzhou, empirical research results indicate that market orientation and technology orientation both have significantly positive effect on the local network embeddedness of returnee entrepreneurial firm, and the positive effect of market orientation is stronger than technology orientation. Besides, technology orientation has significantly positive effect on the oversea network embeddedness of returnee entrepreneurial firm while market orientation doesn’t have significant effect on the oversea network embeddedness of returnee entrepreneurial firm. Moreover, the ambidexterity of market orientation and technology orientation has significantly positive effect on the ambidexterity of local network embeddedness and oversea network embeddedness of returnee entrepreneurial firm.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1662- [Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1495KB] ( 45 )
1672 The Influence of Succession Control Power on the Innovation of Family Business under the Regulation of Legitimacy
The paper introduces the research perspective of the legitimacy, and uses the enterprise strategic change to reflect the changes in corporate behavior before and after the inheritance, to explore the influence of family business internal and external legitimacy of the inheritance of the succession control. In this study, based on the data of complete heritage(successor served as chairman of the board or general manager and elder generation shift exit enterprise as a symbol)of listed family firms, we found that successor control power has a significant positive impact on enterprise strategic change; internal legitimacy in the relationship between successor control power and enterprise strategic change plays a positive role in regulating; and external legitimacy in the relationship between successor control power and enterprise strategic change plays a negative role in regulating. Consequently, legitimacy is an important condition for the conversion of legal authority to real authority.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1672- [Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1302KB] ( 33 )
1681 Online Customer Satisfaction, Customer Inertia and Customer Loyalty: A Dynamic Contingency Mechanism
WANG Jinli,SHIN Kwangyong,QIN Pengfei,PENG Xiaodong
This paper focuses on the context of online customer’s loyalty towards a specific web store, aims to explore online customer satisfaction and customer inertia’s antecedent effect on online customer loyalty, and the moderating effects of alternative attraction and online involvement. Based on the data collected from 354 online consumers, we use the SEM and hierarchical regression methods, and get the following conclusions: Online customer satisfaction, customer inertia are positively related to online customer loyalty; Online involvement positively moderated the relationship between online customer satisfaction and online customer loyalty; Alternative attraction negatively moderated the relationship of online customer satisfaction, customer inertia and online customer loyalty. The implicit meanings are, online customer satisfaction and customer inertia can lead to the “lock in” effect towards online customer loyalty, the effect was even strengthened by online involvement, while alternative attraction as a counteracting factor, may weaken the aforementioned “lock in” effect. Online customer loyalty mechanism is a dynamic contingency mechanism.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1681- [Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1325KB] ( 53 )
1690 A Study of Potential Consumer Online Travel Website Pre-Adoption Behavior Based on IRT Theory: A Case Study of Thai Consumers
The purpose of this paper is to explore the behavior of potential consumers of online travel service before adopting online tourism websites. In the innovation resistance theory(IRT) theory, from the perspective of innovation communication and innovation adopters, negative word-of-mouth (WOM) and dispositional resistance to change are introduced to construct an online travel adoption behavior model of potential consumers. The results show that the negative WOM and the dispositional resistance to change are important factors affecting users online travel functional and psychological barriers and potential consumers of online travel websites intention to use websites with these negative impacts.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1690- [Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1377KB] ( 0 )
1700 An Empirical Analysis on the Relationship between Intellectual Property Capabilities and Performance in Military Industries
WU Jiahui,YUAN Xiaodong
Because existing studies are less involved in military industries, this paper analyzes the relationship between IP capabilities and innovation performance in military industries, based on a military group of 74 enterprises data through statistical analysis and equation modeling enterprise. The results shows that enterprises IP capacity will be more than the institutes in innovation performance; the military enterprises have a part of positive impact on innovation performance; the military institutes have a positive impact in innovation and protection, but in the ability to use negative effect exhibits.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1700- [Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1187KB] ( 28 )
1708 The Research of Influencing Factors of Conformity Intention in Internet Mass Incidents
WANG Tianmei,FAN Zheng,SUN Baowen,MA Yanlin
This paper applies the theory of rational behavior to the research of internet mass incidents and uses empirical methods to explore influencing factors of herd behavior intention under network environment. This research extends Fishbein model by adding the network environment variables, and compares the difference between positive and negative contexts. The credibility of virtual communities affects herd behavior intention in both contexts via three intermediary variables, i.e., individual attitude, normative and information social influence. However, opinion leaders have positive effects on these intermediary variables in the positive context, and only affect the information social influence in the negative context.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1708- [Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1971KB] ( 34 )
1718 Research on Internet Collaborative Governance Based on Bayesian Networks
XU Feng,QI Yong
Based on evaluation model of order parameter and Internet governance tripartite collaboration,this study establishes the evaluation index system of Internet governance coordination degree, and then measures the coordination degree of Internet governance in the USA, United Kingdom, South Korea and China. Based on the Bayesian network, this study constructs the network of influencing factors of Internet collaborative governance and analyzes the reasons and the structural relationship of influencing factors. The results demonstrate that: although the degree of Internet coordination governance system in China is lower, the coordination degree of the government and the Internet media have advantages; the coordination degrees of the government and Internet users can promote the internet governance better,and improving the coordination of government and Internet users can promote the effectiveness of Internet collaborative governance better.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1718- [Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1629KB] ( 38 )
1728 A Review about the Influence of Context on Leadership Effectiveness
TAN Le,SONG Heyi,HAO Chanyu,YANG Xiao
Drawing on approximately 470 relevant studies published in the past 20 years(1995~2015), we summarized the contextual factors that have been primarily studied in the leadership research, reviewed the effects of context on leadership effectiveness, and as well as the joint effect of context and other aspects of leadership (e.g. leader attributes and behaviors) on leadership effectiveness. Our research findings show that the current literature in this area appear to lack synthesized attention to situational factors. The fact that context may affect or correlates with leadership effectiveness in a more complex fashion calls for more study. Moreover, existing research has been limited to examining the role of trait, behavior, and context in affecting leadership effectiveness. More qualitative research is needed to reveal the underlying mechanisms of the leadership process. Based on this review, we finally offer suggestions for future research with the hope to advance the research on leadership and context.
2017 Vol. 14 (11): 1728- [Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 1KB] [ PDF 1478KB] ( 48 )




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